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Tracing Impacts

Through NCHRP Project 20-68B, researchers continue to follow up with scan participants regarding their current implementation efforts, challenges to implementation, and ways to improve the program. They also survey practitioners who did not participate directly in the scans -- but who were engaged in implementing scan findings -- looking for evidence that the effects of the scan were reaching beyond the initial participants.

The goal of NCHRP Project 20-68B is to document changes that have occurred at state transportation agencies in the time since the scans occurred and to assess the investment in domestic scans as a means for facilitating technology transfer among DOTs. This project is designed to be a continuing activity to monitor and evaluate the impacts of the U S Domestic Scan Program.

For the latest scans ("Current Scans" at left), NCHRP Project 20-68B includes these components:

  1. An interview of scan participants following the submission of the scan report  to identify progress toward implementing high-value technologies and practices identified in the scans and qualitative or quantitative benefits attributable to the scan.
  2. A Web conference with each scan team and oversight panel to discuss results of interviews and compare experiences at their respective agencies related to implementing scan findings.
  3. A survey of the contacts provided by the scan participants to trace the secondary paths of implementation and technology transfer.

NCHRP Project 20-68B also includes the construction and ongoing maintenance of this website to provide a dynamic means for communicating information about the Domestic Scan Program, especially impacts the scans are having on state DOT practice. This is conducted through the scan team follow up page.

NCHRP Impacts on Practice publication highlights efforts to measure the effectiveness of the program.