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Successful Approaches to Utilizing Bridge Management Systems for Strategic Decision Making in Asset Management Plans

Despite the advances made over time in Bridge Management Systems (BMS), many state DOTs face challenges in developing, implementing and maintaining data-driven, risk- and performance-based management at a system level. While most agencies have succeeded in establishing processes to maintain inventory data and manage the inspection process, many still struggle to utilize their BMS to help support decision-making utilizing available data while considering the risk and performance implications of their investment decisions.

This scan will help identify common features and approaches being used by agencies to successfully use BMS within the overall transportation asset management context. Particular attention will be given to examination of leading practices for predicting future bridge condition and developing deterioration curves. The Scan Team will investigate agency practices and case studies that illuminate such concerns as (1) data collection and management, (2) performance measure tracking and reporting, (3) use of component- and element-level data to track and forecast bridge condition, (4) usage of BMS data to convey condition information, and (5) agencies’ knowledge transfer strategies to sustain staff qualified to operate their BMS.

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Scan Results and Report

Implementation and Impact

Scan Members

  • Chad Allen, Vermont AOT, AASHTO Scan Chair
  • Kevin Marshia, Vermont AOT
  • Richard Runyen, Pennsylvania DOT
  • Chester Kolota, Maine DOT
  • Paul Vaught, Louisiana DOTD
  • Edward Austin, Alabama DOT
  • Todd Springer, Virginia DOT
  • Felix Padilla, Florida DOT
  • Scott Neubauer, Iowa DOT
  • Rebecca Curtis, Michigan DOT
  • Edward Lutgen, Minnesota DOT
  • Mike Johnson, Caltrans
  • DeWayne Wilson, Washington State DOT
  • Nancy Huether, North Dakota DOT
  • Derek Constable, FHWA
  • Basak Bektas, Minnesota State University, Subject Matter Expert


Workshop Participants