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Pilot B — Best Practices in Right-of-Way Acquisition and Utility Relocation

The focus of the scan was on identifying, documenting, and disseminating innovative state practices in right-of-way (ROW) acquisition and utility relocation to support the delivery of projects in a timely and cost- effective manner.

Completion of the ROW function is the last stage before construction commences and there is often a perception that the ROW stage is delaying advertising and construction of the project. The utility relocation and adjustment process also has been identified as a critical element in project development. A variety of factors such as rising real estate values, rapid property development in planned project corridors, complications with the relocation of utilities, and private property rights concerns have led to additional delays in implementing transportation projects in many corridors.

Federal and state policy establishes important protections for the rights of property owners, tenants, and public and private sector utilities. Transportation agencies increasingly realize that they can expedite ROW acquisition and utility relocation while ensuring that these protections remain in place. Improvements to the ROW and utility processes are therefore seen as a fundamental component of an overall approach to expedite project development and ensure that transportation projects needed to improve mobility and safety are built in a timely manner.

Scan Results and Report

Scan Members

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  • John Campbell, Texas DOT
    Scan Co-Chair
  • Susan Lauffer, FHWA  (retired)
    Scan Co-Chair
  • Richard Allen, Connecticut DOT
  • Bimla Rhinehart, California DOT
  • John Sherman, Wyoming DOT
  • Ray Lorello, Ohio DOT
  • Kevin Stout, Oklahoma DOT
  • Daniel Mathis, FHWA Washington State Division
  • James Cheatham, FHWA Pennsylvania Division
  • Don Nelson, Washington State DOT
  • George Lovett, Florida DOT
  • John Ewald, Texas DOT
  • Donald Jackson, FHWA  (retired)

Sites Visited

  • Florida Department of Transportation District 5 Office
  • Texas DOT Texas Turnpike Project Office
  • Minnesota DOT central office