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Pilot A — Best Practices in Transportation Asset Management

The purpose of this scan was to identify best case examples of the application of asset management principles and practice in US transportation agencies. Asset management is a business process and a decision-making framework that covers an extended time horizon, draws from economics as well as engineering, and considers a broad range of assets. The asset management approach incorporates the economic assessment of trade-offs among alternative investment options and uses this information to help make cost-effective investment decisions.

Scan Results and Report

Scan Members

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  • Kirk Steudle, Michigan DOT
    Scan Co-Chair
  • David Geiger, FHWA (retired)
    Scan Co-Chair
  • Leonard Evans, Ohio DOT
  • Lacy Love, North Carolina DOT
  • Bart Selle, Vermont DOT
  • Paul Wirfs, Oregon DOT
  • Robert Ritter, FHWA
  • Dennis Merida, FHWA
  • Thay Bishop, FHWA

Sites Visited

State, county and city transportation agencies in

  • Florida
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Utah