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20-02 Successful Approaches for Facilitating Truck Parking Accommodation Along Major Freight Corridors

Lack of adequate accommodation for truck parking along major freight corridors continues to be a critical issue for state transportation agencies. Truck parking at many state-provided safety rest areas and weigh stations routinely exceeds capacity, often leaving truck drivers without reliable options for safely taking rest periods when they are tired or legally required to do so. Drivers may resort to parking on highway ramps, shoulders, or other unsafe areas, creating hazardous situations for the truck drivers and other road users.

Scan participants will seek a better understanding of the process for developing a truck parking information system along with a successful strategies employed by leading agencies, candidate technologies that might be considered to support sharing parking availability, and case studies of systems that may be transferable to other agencies. Additionally, the scan will focus on and produce potential strategies for issues such as monitoring, ITS design, overcoming legal barriers, and potential funding mechanisms.

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Scan Results and Report

Implementation and Impact

Scan Members

  • Jason Beloso, Washington State DOT, AASHTO Scan Chair
  • Mauricio Garcia-Theran, Connecticut DOT
  • Andrew Ludasi, New Jersey DOT
  • Adam Moncivaez, Tennessee DOT
  • Erik Johnson, Virginia DOT
  • Donald Gutkowski, Wisconsin DOT
  • Caroline Mays, Texas DOT
  • Craig Hurst, Colorado DOT
  • Tiffany Julien, FHWA
  • Richard Dunne, GPI, Subject Matter Expert


Workshop Participants