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19-02 — Leading Practices in Strategic Workforce Management by Transportation Agencies

AASHTO leadership has identified workforce management as one of the most urgent issues for today's Departments of Transportation (DOTs). DOTs across the nation have increasingly expressed concerns about sustaining a qualified workforce. Many DOTs are addressing this problem by adopting some aspect of strategic workforce management, such as forecasting, succession planning, training and development, or targeted recruitment. This scan will examine innovative strategic workforce management strategies DOTS are implementing, particularly those activities that can be quickly adopted and implemented to recruit, develop, and retain the workforce they need today and for the future.

The scan team will consider common elements of strategic workforce management, such as skills metrics and forecasting, succession planning, employee development, employee wellness and engagement, employee recognition, recruitment, retention, diversity and inclusion, and change management. Outsourcing of functions historically performed within an agency may also be considered. The team must consider agency cultural differences and the context in which the strategic workforce management is applied.

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Scan Results and Report

Implementation and Impact

Scan Members

  • Amanda Holland, Alaska DOT&PF, AASHTO Chair
  • Karen Bobo, FHWA
  • Brian Brown, Ohio DOT
  • Kendra Campbell, Texas DOT
  • Craig Crick, Nevada DOT
  • Lorri Economy, Utah DOT
  • John Hibbard, Georgia DOT
  • William Lambert, New Hampshire DOT
  • Alexis Martin, New Hampshire DOT
  • Kimberly Nowacki, Delaware DOT
  • Brian Robinson, Georgia DOT
  • Michelle Tucker, Caltrans
  • Rob Wight, Utah DOT
  • Lee Wilkinson, Iowa DOT
  • Rick Smith, Subject Matter Expert

Workshop Participants