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11-01 — Leading Practices in Large-Scale Outsourcing and Privatization of Maintenance Functions

Many transportation agencies face budget constraints that make it very difficult to increase or even hold steady the scale of their maintenance staff and in-house programs. Some agencies have turned to outsourcing of maintenance activities to private-sector contractors as a means of coping. This scan focuses on agencies’ experience with outsourcing of maintenance activities, considering contractual arrangements, actual maintenance operations and management practices employed, and consequences for resource utilization and system performance.

Scan Results and Report

Scan Members

  • Greg Duncan, Tennessee DOT, Scan Chair
  • Jennifer Brandenburg, North Carolina DOT
  • Robert “Chris” Christopher, Washington State DOT
  • Carolyn Dill, P.E., Texas DOT
  • Caleb Dobbins, New Hampshire DOT
  • Tim Lattner, Florida DOT
  • Leslie Mix, Louisiana DOTD
  • Agustin Rosales, California DOT
  • Robert Younie, Iowa DOT
  • Rodney Pletan, Subject Matter Expert

The prospectus above includes a membership roster with contact information.

Workshop Participants

This scan was conducted as a workshop. In addition to the scan team, workshop participants included:

  • Georgia DOT
  • Maine DOT
  • Maryland DOT
  • Michigan DOT
  • Missouri DOT
  • Nevada DOT
  • Pennsylvania DOT
  • Rhode Island DOT
  • Utah DOT
  • Virginia DOT
  • Wisconsin DOT
  • Association for Management and Operations of Transportation Infrastructure Assets (AMOTIA)