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10-04 — Best Practices Supporting Traffic Incident Management (TIM) through Integrated Communication Between Traffic Management Centers and Law Enforcement and Effective Performance-Measurement Data Collection

Traffic incident management (TIM) depends fundamentally on effective communication among responsible personnel (for example, in incident reporting, response dispatch, and traffic management). Experience gained from each incident provides opportunities to improve agencies’ TIM performance. This scan examines the TIM practices in regions that have enhanced TIM performance through integrated communication between traffic management centers and law enforcement and effective performance-measurement data collection.

Scan Results and Report

Scan Members

  • Bruce E. Kenney III, West Virginia DOT, Scan Chair
  • Teresa Krenning, Missouri DOT
  • John Nelson, Colorado DOT
  • Kevin D. Price, Illinois DOT
  • Michael Tagliaferri, Maryland State Police
  • Tiger Harris, Open Roads Consulting, Inc., Subject Matter Expert

The prospectus above includes a membership roster with contact information.

Sites Visited

  • Delaware DOT
  • Federal Highway Administration
  • Illinois Tollway
  • Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
  • Maryland State Highway Administration
  • New Jersey DOT
  • Oregon DOT
  • Washington DOT
  • Wisconsin DOT