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09-03 — Best Practices in Lane-Departure Avoidance and Traffic Calming

Following the publication of NCHRP Report 500, Volume 6: “A Guide for Addressing Run-Off-Road Collisions” in 2003, many DOTs have identified Lane Departure as an action area in their state’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan. In April 2008, AASHTO published the document “Driving Down Lane-Departure Crashes – A National Priority” which highlighted a number of lane departure remedies. These remedies emphasize the need to more actively address the causes of lane-departure crashes and to develop/implement countermeasures to reduce them.  Many crashes are caused by excessive speeds along high-speed rural highways (other than freeways), where drivers often fail to recognize  risks inherent in these types of facilities.

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  • Mark Nelson, North Dakota DOT, Scan Chair
  • Richard B. (Dick) Albin, FHWA
  • Daniel Helms, Mississippi DOT
  • Cassandra Isackson, Minnesota DOT
  • John P. Miller, Missouri DOT
  • Ina Zisman, Colorado DOT
  • Dean A. Focke, Ohio DOT Retiree, Subject Matter Expert

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