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08-04 — Best Practices in Work Zone Assessment, Data Collection and Performance Evaluation

The purpose of the scan was to investigate best practices in work zone assessment, data collection, and performance measurement, and to learn how these practices are being used to ensure safety and minimize congestion in work zones. The scan team targeted these topics:

  • How do agencies assess work zones safety, congestion and operational performance?
  • How do agencies collect and use data to make improvements in work zone performance and management?
  • What processes, methods, and tools do agencies use to assess impacts during various stages of project development?

Scan Results and Report

Tracing Scan Impacts

Scan Members

  • J. Stuart Bourne, North Carolina DOT, Scan Co-Chair
  • Chung Eng, FHWA, Scan Co-Chair
  • Diana Gomez, Caltrans
  • David L. Holstein, Ohio DOT
  • Ronald D. Lipps, Maryland SHA
  • Denise L. Markow, New Hampshire DOT
  • K.C. Matthews, Colorado DOT
  • Tracy A. Scriba, FHWA
  • Reynaldo Stargell, Ohio DOT
  • Brian Zimmerman, Michigan DOT
  • Gerald L. Ullman, Texas Transportation Institute, Subject Matter Expert

The prospectus above includes a membership roster with contact information.

Sites Visited

    Hub states

  • California DOT
  • Maryland DOT
  • Michigan DOT
  • New Jersey DOT
  • Ohio DOT

Invited to hub state or webinar

  • Florida DOT
  • Illinois Tollway
  • Indiana DOT
  • Missouri DOT
  • New Hampshire DOT
  • New York State DOT
  • Oregon DOT
  • Pennsylvania DOT
  • Washington State DOT
  • Wisconsin DOT